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Noah's Bark Dog Rescue Inc. was founded in 2006. We are located in Melbourne, Australia. Our primary focus is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome unwanted and abandoned companion canines. We are not a pound; our dogs are kept in loving foster homes. The dogs come from puppy farms, pounds, or are surrendered by their previous owners. Health checks and veterinary care is completed prior to adoption. With nearly 40 years of animal welfare experience between us we aim to find the best possible home for each of our rescues taking into consideration their individual needs and requirements. We take pride in ensuring that all enquiries are responded to promptly. Where the chosen rescue dog may not be the right choice, depending on family structure or lifestyle, we are then happy to discuss and advise what type of dog would be much better suited.

We operate as a not-for-profit organisation and rely on donations from the public to continue this very important work. We are indebted to our volunteers who are the mainstay of our organisation, they spend countless hours caring for the dogs and transporting them, amongst many other behind the scenes jobs. We thank our followers and other members of the public who spread the word by promoting rescue, sharing our dogs for adoption, and the network of other like-minded rescue groups who we work with. We couldn't do it without you!


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We call Caroline the Greg Evans of rescue. She always finds the Perfect Match! Caroline has over 29 years experience in animal welfare and is currently working in a no-kill animal shelter. She met our previous Matt while employed with RSPCA Burwood, working primarily in the specialised area of reuniting pets with their owners. The animal's identification was, for various reasons, often not current and therefore difficult to trace. As well as sharing a passion for animal welfare, these two super-sleuths joined forces to achieve the impossible and return many little lost souls to their families. 

Here is Caroline with Jess her beloved golden Labrador, rescued as a pup from RSPCA Burwood.



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Peter & Loree

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