We are always looking for foster carers. The more foster carers we have, the more dogs we can save!

Fostering is an extremely rewarding experience. You are helping to save, rehabilitate, and send a little soul onto their forever home.

All we ask is that you provide food and give the dog a loving home. Vet bills are covered by us. Often our dogs don’t know how to be ‘normal dogs’. You will have to build their confidence, perhaps teach them how to be house trained, or walk on lead, and especially how to receive love!

If you would like to foster please contact Caroline on 0432 585 484 or email us at [email protected].


Our dogs often need to be transported from vets to their foster carers. Assisting with transport is a huge help to us and our foster carers, as sometimes we can't make it to transport the dogs.

If you would like to assist with transport please call Caroline on 0432 585 484 or email us at [email protected]. We recommend that you have restraints in your car, i.e. a seat belt harness or a lead that clicks into a seat belt.


MaryAnne and Matt

We have loved having the opportunity to get to know a whole variety of breeds that otherwise we may have never even met. To see their personalities blossom under your care as they start to trust and feel safe, as they discover the joy in playing and being loved, and as they begin to engage with warmth, humour and the vitality of a second life, is incredibly rewarding and heart-warming. Then to know they are going to be safe and loved in their new forever home outweighs the brief sadness of saying goodbye. To be part of a rescued dog’s journey from its past to its new forever home is life affirming and adds something special to ones experience as an animal lover.

Alysia (transport)

I have been volunteering my time to Noah's Bark for some time now. Seeing all the beautiful dogs come through, it is sometimes hard to comprehend how anyone could neglect or not want these humble creatures.

It is rewarding sharing part of the recovery and rescue process and knowing that my small contribution will make a big difference to these forgiving animals. There is no greater feeling than doing something for another creature for no reason other than to improve quality of life

Sam, Knives, and Mima

knives_crop.jpgHi, my name is Mima. I am a lucky little dog that lives with my loving mum and dad near a beautiful park in inner Melbourne. Whenever we can, we foster a doggie brother or sister for me to play with. It is really fun looking after these dogs and showing them the ropes. I love being a big sister! When they first arrive they are usually very scared and unloved. They seem very withdrawn and anxious. With lots of love, walks in the park and mixing with other dogs in the park they soon change. They become friendlier and love to play. I am always sad when they leave and can‘t wait to get another playmate to show them how loving and fun life can be!

Sam - My partner and I came across the idea of fostering dogs when we were looking to get a second forever dog. We decided it would be worth giving it ago and made contact with Noah’s Bark Dog Rescue. In the time we have fostered we have taken in a great variety of dogs. Unfortunately many come to us in a sorry state, unsocialised, unloved and mistreated by their owners. Whilst it is often hard to witness I always feel positive knowing that the hard times are over and these beautiful dogs are now in good hands.  By making these dogs a part of our family and loving and caring for them they make remarkable changes. My partner and I lead very busy lives with full time jobs and university and for the most part of our fostering we have been without a car but because of the supportive and flexible nature of the organisation we have never felt pressured to do more than we can. I have thoroughly enjoyed the rewarding journey of fostering and couldn’t recommend it more highly!